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What we really do?

Our mission is to bring product label transparency. Each supplement is manufactured in our Atlanta USA lab. We use the highest ingredients from around the world. Our customers satisfaction has been thriving for 5 years. We believe in customer service and support. We like to inform our customers about  critical issues and solutions about health and fitness.

Our Vision

We have placed our customers first, before anything and anyone. We don’t have time for bureaucracy, massive whole sale volumes so others can profit. Our focus for now is YOU! the individual whose health is their concern. The bodybuilder who demands transparency in their label in return to their hard EARNED money. Or the parent whose kids are in need of good quality of nutrients. Rest assure, our company is not another get rich vitamin scam. Our vision is keeping each customer happy and well informed!

History of Beginning

Established in 2013, Shapes R In Supplements LLC, was immediately well receive by the weight loss and fitness industry. With over 20 products developed, Shapes R In Supplements continues to grow. And is proud to be advocating for NON GMO. NO GLUTEN, NO PRESERVATIVES, supplements across the industry!

Our line of unique products are uniquely designed for athletes and health minded individuals who demand high levels of performance from themselves and the products they take. From maximizing, health, vigor, stamina, muscle mass, weight loss, gain and immune system optimization. We got you covered!

Please note that our products are not yet available in your average nutritional centers. This is in due to the fact that we feel our product line is best represented by our distributors, representatives and customers directly. Our goal continues to be centered on the overall integrity of our product line. While focusing in the utmost level of quality, innovative formulation and customer satisfaction!

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