Hypoxic Training, Oxygen Masks And Weight Loss! Leave a comment

By Jose Fuentes/Jose Fit Zone Founder/Blogger

Besides having lots of fun with my oxygen mask,  I have increased my peripheral heart action levels, endurance, and the ability to burning more body fat!

I can’t pound the benefits of others with these devices. But I can attest that the mask has given  a great boost to my work outs!

The purpose of the mask is to put our physiques into hypoxic training. Which is a non invasive drug free training  technique!  Aim at improving human performance and well being by way of adaptation to reduce oxygen!

For example:  Kenian marathon runners who train and live in high altitudes had a propensity for better  endurance performance versus their competition from lower altitudes with higher oxygen. The observation has spurred controversy. Therefore,  entire research centers being built to study the effects of hypoxic training. One such center is the Hermman Buhl center for hypoxia and sleep medicine research in Germany.

How To Use It:

If you want to shred pounds or are preparing for a bodybuilding, martial arts or any other competition, you can use low oxygen training few times a week. The training mask will help you feel, like you are training in a higher altitude. The amount of oxygen in the air is reduced, and your body will compensate for this by producing more hemoglobin-The protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen to tissues to create energy to your body. Overtime, training a high altitudes is thought to create more hemoglobin in your body, so when you return to sea level, those extra red blood cells continue thitherto.

Some elevation masks stimulate altitude training by making your body work hard to breath. These masks use a valve system to reduce the amount of airflow to the lungs. Which forces you to take deeper breaths. This is what is known “as restricted air  training” or “inspiratory muscle training”

When your lungs are pushed to work harder, the surface area in the alveoli –the tiny air sacs where the lungs and the blood stream exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen get stretched. Making more room for blood and oxygen to flow.

Bottom line is that; the training mask will improve your fitness and athletic performance by applying peripheral air resistance, to inhale air via 6 different elevation-resistance flux valve settings. The added load from the air resistance strengthens the respiratory musculature. It is like lifting weight for your breathing muscles, which yields a number of  benefits with continue use!


To your health!

Jose Fuentes/C.S.P.S./MS./CPT/CN

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