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How much fluids should I consume In & Out Of  Gym For Muscle Gains?

By Jose Fuentes/C.S.P.S/CN/Blogger

Gone are the days when  hard core athletes, relied on  water to stayed full and avoid dehydration. Although, still not clear for many of you( athletes), how much water you must drink to function optimally, when to drink it, and,  how to drink. Sports Engineering Science, has developed all kinds of new products. Such as: Electrolyte water, vitamin water, etc. Notwithstanding, the reasons why these companies produce such products. In my view clean purify water is the best way to stay hydrated. Nonetheless, if you have an aggressive goal, looking to perform at your best, and, want to gain muscle and recover faster. Then you are looking at a different animal.

Needless to say that 80% or more of our bodies is made up of water. So it is vitally important to stay on target with your water consumption goals. For example, athletes who have exercise intensely for an hour or longer are likely to experience some degree of underhydration. For those athletes who exercise most days (i.e. most elite athletes), post exercise fluid consumption becomes a critically important part of their exercise regimen, post exercise fluid consumption is important, because it helps the athlete begin each subsequent day of activity in a well-hydrated state.

The important point to consider is this: it takes time to rehydrate. The less time it is to rehydrate , the lower the likelihood that the athlete will be optimally hydrated, by the beginning of the next exercise session.

One of the main problems these days, is that athletes rarely consume fluids during exercise at a rate or more than 70% of sweat loss, and most athletes replace sweat losses at a rate significantly lower than this. Therefore, most athletes require strategies to achieve  adequate hydration before the next exercise session begins. Notwithstanding this clear need for fluids , athletes often remained, underhydrated even when fluids are readily available to them. This lead for athletes to become entangled while in competitions and even during and after exercise, due to lack  fluids. This voluntary dehydration suggest that athletes should be placed on a fix fluid replacement schedule, that will increase the likelihood of maintaining hydration. For Shapes R In Supplements (AKA Tornado Sports Supplements), a way of encouraging this, is to make certain that good tasting fluids are easily available to the athlete, as soon as the exercise session is over, as mentioned in the intro of my story, water hydration days are over, when it comes to perform at your best. Sports drinks containing both carbohydrate and sodium, are far more effective than water, at restoring water balance. To maximize rehydration, however, it appears that a level of sodium greater than that provided in sports drinks is desirable. Tornado Supplements  has taken this task seriously, and understand that sugar and salt isn’t enough. Furthermore, as most pre-workout drinks offer Nitric oxide, sugar and salt. We feel that taken the recovery formula 20 steps further, is what has made our non stop growth as a company.Tornado Vyplex is a pre and post workout formula, unique and powerful. It is packed wit MCT Oils (MEDIUM CHAIN TRYGLICERIDES) for recovery and energy sustaining powers. Important electrolytes are included such as sodium and potasium for proper hydration, glutamine for muscle growth and repair. Ornithine, arginine as hormone boosting precursors, Vanadyl sulfate for vascularity, a powerful creatine buffer patent blend for lean muscle and energy production. Plus beta alinine, which  boosts muscle carnosine that serves as a physiological buffer, Tornado vyplex also influence enzyme regulation,supplementation can increase high intensity intermittent exercise performance and training adaptations. Tornado Vyplex also has a whooping combination of glucose polymers, which will provide you a significant energy boost, best part is that glucose polymers aren’t too sweet and don’t stay in the body for too long. The fact that they are used more rapidly in the body means less likelihood of gastrointestinal distress during exercise.

And last but not least, tornado vyplex has all the taurine, citrulline, arginine elements to boost nitric oxide levels in your body. This is the perfect drink for a modern athlete.

Also use these 4 secret  rules for fluid consumption after exercise:

1- A LARGE volume o fluid (as much as can be tolerated, perhaps .5 litter) should be consumed immediately after exercise. This large fluid volume enlarges the stomach and increases the rate at which fluids leave  the stomach and enter the small intestine to be absorbed. 1 scoop of vyplex on your drink will triple your hydration needs

2- Now here is the biggest bonus of this article. If you made to here. This is where the pay off for reading comes!: After the initial consumption of a large fluid volume, you should consume approximately .25 litter of fluid every 15 minutes, to achieve a fluid intake of approximately 3 litters in 3 hours. The larger the athlete  and the greater the sweat loss experience during activity, the greater the amount of fluid that must be consumed. This will keep you full and thick!.

3-Fluids should contain more carbohydrate and sodium because both are useful in returning the athlete into a well hydrated state. So, again, vyplex delivers this PLUS many other components. In addition, the carbohydrate content of the beverage helps return stored glycogen(energy) to muscles

4-Sports drinks typically provide 10 to 15 millimoles of electrolytes, mainly sodium per litter of fluid. However, the optimal sodium concentration for fluid retention, is approximately 50 millimoles of electrolytes per litter of fluid. Since adding more sodium to fluids may make the fluid unpalatable and cause you to consume less fluid, you should be encouraged to consume some salted snacks, such as pretzels , or saltine crackers, during the period immediately after exercise.

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To Your Health!

Jose Fuentes/CN/CSN/Researcher

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