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The word is out, and everyday more and more ads come promesing the world when it comes to weight loss and bodybuilding supplements!

Lose weight, Gain Muscle. Boost Yur Energy Levels!

The true is dietary supplemengs make tons of claims and consumers often believe them: The booming U.S. industry has grown from 9 billion to 15 billion this yer, according to the Euromonitor international, a  market research firm.

The FDA has taken law enforcement action on 6 supplements that were banned this year. They were six weight loss and sports  supplements. Through a series of studies they found the listed ingredients weren’t accurate and in August 2016 these supplements, were removed of the shelves!.

The tested brands of supplements that listed ingredients on the label, that appear to be possible analogs of the stimulant DMAA. Among them canibal ferox, Amped produced by a company call chaos and pain, and simply skinny pollen made by bee fit with trish. The results were published earlier this month, in the journal clinic of toxicology. The researchers found a form of DMAA found in some supplementsand another stimulant DMBA. Neither are legal supplement ingredients. DMAA promotes cardiovascular risks.

The study also uncovered a second analog of DMAA not previously found in supplements whose safety for humans is unknown. And it found octodrine, a stimulant formally available in Europe, as part of a treatment for low blood preasure and asthma. Regulators removed octodrine from European markets. Animal studies show it has the potential  to adverse cardiovascular effects.

Some of the products listed the names of similar types of compounds on the label, and some listed ambiguous or misleading ingredients, according to the study. The four manufactures of the supplements did not respond to calls and e mails seeking comments.

Many supplements sold as food are drugs, says Peter Cohen, an associate professor of medicine at cambridge health alliance  of harvard medical school.

So here is the deal, supplements aren’t tightly regulated, like prescription drugs, experts increasingly question their quality and safety, supplement manufacturers don’t have to demonstrate quality and effectiveness to the FDA , many supplements are easily found  online and at mainstream retail stores.

So what to do to find the most accurate ingredients?

A good way is always results, results. But this is how you can easily spot a great supplement brand, and test it for accuracy yourself:

Always check with your Doctor for liver enzymes, kidney functions etc. If after a while you feel the products are working on you and your results at the lab came out good, for liver enzymes, red blood cell counts, etc.. You have hitherto done a good job at testing the supplements yourself. Because just with a liver enzyme count, you will see if there is something fishy about your new supplement!

Make sure they are true athletes using the product brand discussed. And they are not  not just getting  paid to say their supplements are great. Look at what happened to Lance Amstrong. Turn out that he was actually taking something else, remember?

Look for label transparency. Our Tornado Supplements company, BY SHAPES R IN STORE, has done a tremendous amount of work on testing our supplements on athletes we and our partners sponsored. Also our lab  is FDA Verified, and, we have done our job to get labels of accuracy from different companies such as: USP, NSF etc. It’s hard to compare products when all have the same ingredients. But you have to do your diligence. Make sure it listed every single ingredient, Ask for trials, Let it sit in your system for few days to see how your body reacts. Sometimes a good protein powder or glutamine/creatine supplement takes few days to kick in. If you feel sick, tired or to hyped up. Check with your doctor immediately, and look for blood work results. Any supplement will either metabolize in your kidneys or liver. Iit is easy to find out what’s wrong with your supplements by a simple blood work test.

Rest assure, that Shapes R In works ardually to get the best ingredients for each individual’s fitness, weight loss and bodybuilding goals and purpose.

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