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HOW TO BOOST  MALE HORMONES NATURALLY AT AGE OF 40! By Jose Fuentes/CN/CPT/Researcher/Blogger These days, being overweight, out of shape, and becoming a couch potato, after 40, has become “status quo”. Just last year, according to: Huffington post,  the amount of people over 40 years of age,  with degenerative diseases burgeoned more than in 2017. Men after 40 experience different hormonal  swings, that unfortunately  few Doctors ever talked about. This blog will help debunk some of those issues and focus on solutions. First and for most, if you are a dude that’s over 40 years of age, think of your endocrine algorithm as your main foundation. Whether you are looking to build muscle, lose weight or gain endurance. Your hormones need to be working like a clock. Let’s focus on busting testosterone. Your testosterone after 40 isn’t the same as when yu were 20 or 30. We start going through something call male hypogonadism. Which is a condition in which your body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. You can easily detect this condition if find the following issues: Erectile dysfunction Loss of muscle mass Mental And Emotional Stress Female breast tissue If you are one of those unlucky men, no sweat!. It’s important to see a Doctor, but lso is important to have a holistic and a plan b solution.So  have a solution to this!. 1-Start with your diet. Get a thorough Cleanse. Many of your holy grail hormones are produced in your GI, so why not getting it clean. Here is my suggestion: Breakfast Start your day with a testosterone boosting JUICE. Loaded with zinc, and vitamin K!. Green Juice with kale, wheat grass, spinach and oat grass. Is it hard to get these items all together? No worries, we have our Tornado green lean which gives you dozens of leafy greens loaded with magnesium, vitamin k, and zinc!. Also have some eggs yolks. Snack Use seeds and nuts 1/2 of cup of cashews, sunflower seeds and almonds. Lunch: Eat NOPAL! Cactus plant is awesome to block enzymes that lower testosterone. Besides its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants are great. Peel the thorns and slice it like a stake, put it on your salads, with green or black beans, Nopal is one of the best vegetable proteins, which reduces cellulite as well as the body’s ability to retain water. Remember it all start in your gut!. Thus, colon health is enhanced by the insoluble fiber, which minimize the carcinogens that may be potent enough to cause cancerous growth!. Plus nopales are endow with a variety of essential  minerals and vitamins to boost testosterone!. You can put them on your eggs, rice, or salads. 2-My other alternative to boost your T levels, by far will be these holy grain foods to boost test and libido: Farro, quinoa, amaranth, these guys will give your chicken and beef a run for their money.. Trust me me!. These grains are overflowed with satiating  fiber and they are a potent source of zinc and magnesium to boost your testosterone levels. You can make veggie burgers with these grains. Mix them in your salads or eating like rice. Good news is that our pancake fit mix. Has over 9 holy grains TO BOOST YOUR TEST LEVELS! That will boost your test, levels, boom your performance and will still deliver a 30 grams of whooping Iso whey protein! Snack on goji  berries, this is an Asian food that will boost your test levels, help inflammation and digestion. 3-Dinners: Have a vegan smoothie for dinner. Boost your protein levels. Always remember that plain whey protein by itself won’t do the job to boost testosterone. Add granola in it, berries, black, red and strawberries. Bananas. Etc. But here is a better alternative: Use OUR VEGAN mix: this hemp and pea proteins with perfect amino acid composition will nurture your testosterone and other important hormones, better and faster. HEMP is considered a complete protein. Because it delivers the 9 essential amino acids. No other protein can do that. Contains chlorophyll, minerals and antioxidants which will proliferate testosterone enzyme friendly cycles to boost it out. AND shut down  test’s   unfriendly  enzymes. Making this a perfect match for your overall dietary needs. On the other side of the spectrum, Pea proteins  are rich of  bran chain aminos, and, they are  allergen free, thus better  for digestion purposes. Much better than soy and whey. The other great advantage is that pea protein will deliver all these great amino acids for muscle building faster than any other protein source. 4-Increase your GNRH LEVELS (GONOTROPIN HORMONE) This is another male’s  holy grail hormone, responsible for the functioning of other male hormones  such as (LS) lutenizing and (FSH) follicle stimulating hormone. These  are important for all male functions. From reproductive functions till testosterone performance, but also decay after 40 years of age. GNRH levels must be kept high if you want other important hormones to dance effectively. Again green veggies are important, but things such as royal jelly, essential fatty acids, seaweeds, berries are important to be added in your diet. We put together this male pack (coming soon) called TORNADO HORMONE BOOSTER MALE PACK: with everything you need for these hormones to be optimally enhanced.

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