Mission Statement

Cheapest Largest Online Health food Store

Mission Statement:

Becoming a strong brand was the number 1 mission we had. The process of branding our products properly, promoting our supplements, and putting them on the consumers hands, was our priority.

It took us 10 long years to propel our company’s name. We are currently aiming to become the number one “Cheapest Largest Online Health Food Store” in the entire tri-state area. We will achieve this by relentlessly work on aspects such as: quality control, labeling transparency, fast shipping, and keep updating our  website’s technology page. As well as ‘our marketing strategies in pair with new trends. We will continue polishing our sales and marketing as a main strategy for financial growth. By creating bundles of our Tornado Supplement  in house brand, such as of health packs for men and women. Immune boosting vitamins that enhance individuals’ health. Children vitamins. And killer men’s and women’s weight loss bundles.  As well as adding other brands ONLY at the best retail  prices. To have our customers and visitors with plenty of wholesale options for vitamins and sports supplements. It is our mission, our Tornado Supplements brand becomes a top provider of  sports nutrition supplements for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. Thus, it will be a total priority to our company!.  As well as the development new sports and health supplements to areas of growth, such as:  VEGANS, . Millennials, GLUTEN, LACTOSE AND CASEIN FREE CONSCIOUS INDIVIDUALS. Pet products, as well as, adding   fresh wholesale groceries’ and healthy foods  to our retail e commerce website. We secured 2 big partnership warehouses in NJ who loved our mission and are going to be top suppliers for our fresh produce. But that is not it!. What sets us apart is the eduational experience each and every shopper will acquire with us. Every food item we post, will be charged with the health benefits of such food, recipes and a thorough explanation and ideas of how to use it. Whether is tummeric and honey for colds, or apple cider vinegar for infections. Bottom line is, that we are committed to enhance the experience aspect of the shopper. We would like people to shop and experience the health benefits of each food. Our recipes will also attract many new kitchen motivated individuals, to learn new kitchen tricks.  We are working hard, in order to become in  5 years the main health food  providers in the tri-state area and beyond with delicious foods and the best in house and outside brand of sports supplements.



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