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This nutritional balance multivitamin contains all the pre hormone elements to add superior gains, powered with nitric oxide. Immune target antioxidants, important trace minerals and electrolytes for maintaining a healthy functioning body. We have made the addition of Ginko Biloba and the essential oils for natural enhanced mental acuity and cholesterol support health!

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best natural geen shake on sale!


Best Muscle Building Multivitamin:

By Jose Fuentes/C.P.S.S./MS/CPT/Shapes R In Store Founder

The buzz on the internet these days goes: “Women’s hormones and weight gain”. ‘Endocrine disorders affecting women’s weight loss’. But, what about men? When, men try to talk to an endocrinologist about  hormones affecting weight loss or muscle gain, few  sound earnest and amiable.  Guess what.. hormones affect men’s weight loss and weigh gain, every step of the way!. If  male hormones,  aren’t activated properly. This will be simply, a wreak havoc to your metabolism!

My client Jim on pics’; shown on the story, who signed up few weeks ago for  my program, whose weight loss is closed to 20 lbs now!, came with lots of challenges: bad eating habits, lack of discipline for exercise, and literally no water consumption.  I told him we needed  to get his enzyme production moving in the intestines. We needed, few amino acids in his diet, which I knew would boost his HGh, testosterone and adrenal glands. So this is how it works:

Besides fixing his leaky gut, I had to proliferate amino acids such as arginine, ornithine, lysine. These amino acids have the ability to influence fat metabolism, and stimulate growth hormone. While my own evidence is strong to show their powerful effects. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE YOU TRY THIS!

Arginine interacts with some medication, and may not be safe if you have low blood preassure, liver disease, and other conditions. So check with your Doctor.

What I did with Jim was dosed up on arginine; through foods that were high of this amino acid. Things such as; pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, the tornado weight loss shake, beans, chickpeas, etc!

Then stacked up on ornithine foods: Quinoa, fish, LEGUMES, EGGS and the TORNADO DIESEL MULTIVITAMIN. This sports multivitamin is the very best of its kind, because has Lysine and arginine, it contains nitric oxide, which is the latest supplement miracle for our bodies. Nitric oxide, will help break down fats and lose adipose tissue. As well as increasing nitrogen balance in your body, will increase more oxygen and help your cardiovascular system. The American Journal Of Physiology recently show a group diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,  follow a low calorie diet, but only half of them took arginine. After 21 days, the arginine group lost more fat than group taken a placebo.

Lysine role in metabolism:

Lysine must be available in the body to synthesize another amino acid call carnitine. Because carnitine is essential for converting fats into energy, lysine is directly involve in fat metabolism!

Growth hormone stimulates fat cells to break down the fat in storage, and stop storing more fat. Whether your growth hormone levels are normal or not. This supplement combining these powerful amino acids and other vitamins and minerals will indeed; destroy fat, give you energy, improve cardiovascular endurance and strength. Click here to order!



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