best creatine for sports performance

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Best Creatine  For Sports Performance

In the year 2000, creatine for muscle  gain, was the most powerful supplement.  The 4 times a day  downloading aspect of the product, for few days, to stay in the system, and, then the maintenance dose of once a day serving, and the ecstatic reviews, made this product the # 1 selling supplement.

Creatine for muscle gain was the number 1 choice for bodybuilders. Creatine for recovery, was also popular among athletes who sought  supplements  that can help them recover after strenuous long periods of activity. Creatine for recovery, has charged many athletes who lack of endurance was evident during competitions, tournaments, marathons and other sports.

Personally, creatine for recovery, has been a crucial factor of my Brazilian Jiujitsu journey. I have not only been able to perform better on the mat, but for me (an after 40 year old athlete), anything that  contributes to my recovery is king!.

But what’s creatine monohydrate?

How does it work?

What food sources  do you get if from?

Those questions are also the most common ones when it comes to this supplement.

As will explain at length, creatine is a molecule found in the body. And, it is fairly in high amounts in foods like meats. eggs and fish. It’s comprised of the aminoacids, L-arginine, glycine and L-methionine. Problem with getting creatine from these foods is that; you would need to get lots of these food portions  for a decent dose, and, the digestion process to be absorbed would not be optimal. Notwithstanding the amount of organic, EPA FREE, NON GMO food products, still the doses of creatine needed for maximum performance could become short if not taken from a supplement.

It’s been almost 20 years since creatine  first came up, and many things have changed.

To say few: many companies have come up  different types of creatine, such as: liquid, capsules, tablets, sublingual. However, the best form of creatine is still monohydrate and powder form.

Creatine monohydrate, speeds up muscle growth, improves high intensity exercise performance. Creatine is a fuel source for ATP, an energy system produced by your body for shorts bursts of power.

Creatine phosphate supplies your largest muscle fibers that produce size and enhance energy levels. They are called (fast twitch high glycolitic).

Problem with these products is the poor rate of absorption. Like everything in the supplement industry, some products never deliver what promised. Creatine, should be able to kick in quickly, without thwarting or hindering your performance for muscle gain. For this reason the best creatine in the market these days are those who go through a ( high pressure liquid chromatography). Which grinds the powder in small particles. This is also known as HPLC. The creatine molecules become more absorbent, because they have been identify, and  quantify properly. When creatine monohydrate is done in such a manner, is regarded as a higher energy phosphate. Its quick absorption will help the body to use energy faster, and your strength will develop with a burgeoning  astonishing success .

Creatine for endurance. As well as for any other goal, needs to be released fast into your system, in order to become effective. And, when it’s not broken down in tiny particles, takes much more time to be absorbed. Creatine for endurance, has been popular lately. However, needs to be fast released. Since creatine supplies the body with its molecules quickly after broken down, creatine for endurance use  should always be consider for all sports. Furthermore,  creatine monohydrate can supply your muscles quickly, because whenever the body uses energy, a molecule called atp ‘(adenosine triphosphate) a tail with 3 phosphate groups, hence, it’s name. Has to become a quick energy donor. Under conditions of high intensity training, heavy lifting, or streneuos activities, your body needs to power its muscles for optimal contractions  with these creatine phosphates, to fuel and prolong your reps, or energy cycles.

Therefore, the HPLC process is a must these days, and not all creatine supplements can guarantee this process in their formulas out for sale. Gone are the days when your body couldn’t absorbed, the creatine supplements effectively because of thickness and old procedures to elaborate the creatine monohydrate. Gone are the days when you have to go around in search of different brands to see which one would be more ubiquitous in your muscle cells  for maximum results. And long are the days of creatine loading!. Click here to check best creatine supplement in 2018!

Ps-Creatine is safe for women and individuals over 18 years of age.

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